Worms in Humans

Many people already know that their household pets (cats and dogs mostly) are susceptible to worm infections. But did you know that humans can also pick up worm infections, with a diverse array of side effects that are simply unpleasant to experience.

There are several types of worms that can cause problems in humans, including threadworm, roundworm, strongyloides, whipworm and hookworm. As threadworm is the most common worm infection in Australia and New Zealand (with other worm types considered quite rare) this information focusses on this type of infection.

Threadworm infection is especially common in children. Childhood is about being free, running around outdoors, playing games with friends and sharing toys with one another. And these important sharing activities often come with the potential of contracting a threadworm infection – and there's nothing to worry about if treated effectively with worming products like COMBANTRIN®!

And it's not just children who are at risk! Threadworms can be highly contagious and easily spread. Once a child in any family has contracted a worm infection, everyone in the household is put at risk of picking up the same infection, through direct or indirect contact. Children and adults can both suffer from worm infections – and it's important that all parents know how to treat both their children and themselves in the event of such an infection.

Of course, these aren't the only type of worm out there – roundworms, hookworms, strongyloides and whipworms, for example. Fortunately, these types of worm infection are not considered common in humans in Australia and New Zealand. These worm types are more common in regions of the world where population density is high & sanitation, particularly with regard to human waste matter, is low. However it remains important for parents to be on the guard when it comes to any types of worm infection.

If you think your child or any other member of your family might have contracted roundworms, hookworms, strongyloides or whipworms, see a medical professional immediately for further treatment and advice.

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Treat Worm Infections in Children

Treat Worm Infections in Children

Threadworm infections can happen to anybody. Be prepared, to stay on top of worms.