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Meet Jane, John and their two children, Jack and Josephine. After a rough-and-tumble day at school, where he joined in a game of 'tag' and shared lots of crafting equipment with his classmates, eight-year-old Jack started to show signs of a worm infection a few weeks later. These symptoms included an itchy bottom, lack of appetite and general irritability.

Luckily, mum Jane was on the ball. She had read up on the symptoms of worm infections, and was already prepared with COMBANTRIN® in the medicine cupboard. She knew it was time to take steps to treat the entire family as worms can be highly contagious. As she was reading the COMBANTRIN® packaging, her eyes fell on the allergy checklist…

COMBANTRIN® contains some common allergens which can rule out some individuals from taking the treatment. Here's how Jane and her family dealt with it:


Jane has no allergies whatsoever and was able to take COMBANTRIN® as soon as she discovered that Jack was experiencing symptoms of a worm infection. Jane took one dose of COMBANTRIN® chocolate squares, with another follow-up treatment two weeks afterwards as symptoms were still present, to get rid of any newly-matured worms that might have hatched in the interim.

Jack and Josephine

Both Jack and his younger sister Josephine need to be treated for the worm infection, especially as they love playing together and often come into physical contact with one another and other friends. Mum Jane prefers her little ones not to consume things with artificial colours or flavouring where at all possible. Jane treated both children with COMBANTRIN®-1 chocolate squares, which are free from artificial colours and flavourings, while still offering effective treatment against threadworms with a single chocolate square. Jane also followed up the initial treatment with another dose two weeks later as symptoms were still present, to ensure that the infection was totally flushed out.

Allergen Information

Both COMBANTRIN® and COMBANTRIN®-1 chocolate squares are made from real milk chocolate, which means they contain milk proteins. Both treatments also contain lactose and sucrose, as well as potential traces of nuts. COMBANTRIN®-1 chocolate squares are totally free of artificial flavours and colours, while COMBANTRIN® chocolate squares contain some artificial flavours.

Medicines should make you feel better, not worse. If you or your children are sensitive to any of the common additives found in medicines, see below for information on the common allergens in the COMBANTRIN® range.

Allergy Checklist
Allergy Checklist
COMBANTRIN® Product Contains Gluten Contains Lactose Contains Sucrose Contains Artificial Colors Contains Artificial Flavours
COMBANTRIN® Chocolate Squares No Yes Yes No Yes
COMBANTRIN®-1 Chocolate Squares No Yes Yes No No
COMBANTRIN® Chocolate Squares No No No Yes# No

COMBANTRIN® and COMBANTRIN®-1 chocolate squares are made from milk chocolate and therefore contain milk proteins and may contain traces of nuts.

Treat Worm Infections in Children

Treat Worm Infections in Children

Threadworm infections can happen to anybody. Be prepared, to stay on top of worms.

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