We know that using COMBANTRIN® is an effective way of ridding your child of threadworm, hookworm and roundworm infections – but how does COMBANTRIN® actually work?

Here, you'll find out a little more about the COMBANTRIN® treatments we offer – and how exactly they combat worm infections. Firstly, COMBANTRIN® products contain one of 2 different active ingredients – Pyrantel Embonate or Mebendazole.

COMBANTRIN® products contain Pyrantel Embonate whilst COMBANTRIN®-1 products contain Mebendazole. Whilst these active ingredients have slightly different ways of treating threadworm infections, both are highly effective at ridding the body of threadworm.

In this section, you'll learn exactly what the medication does to the worms when they're inside the body, as well as important information such as whether you can take the medication when pregnant. You'll learn how to take the medication, as well as discovering more about any restrictions that might be in place, preventing certain people from taking COMBANTRIN®.

Whilst we always provide detailed information regarding our products and their effectiveness when it comes to treating threadworm, hookworm and roundworm infections, there are a few instances where you may need to consult your health care professional for advice or guidance. If you know of any medical conditions such as acute liver disease, if you're currently pregnant or if you need to treat a child under the age of 1 year for a worm infection, we'd always advise speaking with your doctor before using COMBANTRIN®.

Allergy Checklist


See COMBANTRIN® allergy checklist, if you are sensitive to any of the additives found in medicines.

Treat Worm Infections in Children

Treat Worm Infections in Children

Threadworm infections can happen to anybody. Be prepared, to stay on top of worms.